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The Merchant of Venice

It was precisely because of the allure of its Venetian architecture that the di Thiene Villa Castle was chosen as a location for staging some scenes from the film ‘The Merchant of Venice’ based on Shakespeare’s work and starring Al Pacino and Jeremy Irons.

The merchant Antonio, the character that director Michael Radford assigned to Jeremy Irons, is not having one of his happiest periods: economic and personal mishaps have made him particularly gloomy. His friends come to him in his palace, reconstructed in the gallery on the upper floor of the di Thiene Castle, try to console him and find out what is going on. One of the reasons for his anxiety is Bassanio’s marriage to Portia. The wedding was ‘celebrated’ in the stables, turned into a church.


The Castle was also the location for the Cult Thriller ‘La notte che Evelyn uscì dalla tomba’ by Emilio P. Miraglia - ITALY 1971

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